Video Lessons

Living to Please God Series

The series on “Living to Please God” includes 14 lessons covering selected topics important to Christian life from its beginning in regeneration to entrance into eternal life at mortal death or when Christ comes again. (1) God’s purpose for His human creatures. (2 – 3) Natural, saving, and sustaining faith with consideration of the role of intellect, emotions, and will. (4) God’s will and circumstances. (5) Transformation through the renewal of the mind. (6) Building forms of righteousness. (7) John Murray and Louis Berkhof on common grace. (8) Ethics, morals, values, and virtues. (9 – 10) Truth. (11 – 12) Personality, temperament, and character. (13) The soul, mortal death, glorification of the soul, waiting for bodily resurrection. (14) Bodily resurrection, glorification of body and soul, eternal life with God in the resurrected body. 

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