Living to Please God Part 14

References: (1.) ESV Bible, Crossway, 2002. (2.) The Bible on the Life Hereafter, William Hendriksen, Baker Book House, 1959. (3.) Heaven, Randy Alcorn, Tyndale House Publishers, 2004. (4.) Reformed Dogmatics vol. 4, Herman Bavinck, Baker Academic, 2008. (5.) Immortality, Loraine Boettner, Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, 1956. (7.) Concise Theology, J.I. Packer, Tyndale House Publishers, 1993. HeavenContinue reading “Living to Please God Part 14”

Living to Please God Part 13

Introduction Topics for this lesson include (1.) Kingdom of Heaven, (2.) the human soul, (3.) the soul at mortal death, (4.) the soul in the intermediate period? Salvation and the Kingdom of God Many people think of salvation in terms of “being saved from the penalty of sin” and “being guaranteed a place in heaven.”Continue reading “Living to Please God Part 13”

Living to Please God Part 12

Introduction Continued discussion on character. Character Which Glorifies God God prepares believers during their mortal life to be able to live eternally with Him. Possessions will not go with us into eternal life – but character and holiness will. God is more concerned with character and holiness than He is with happiness, comfort, or possessions.Continue reading “Living to Please God Part 12”

Living to Please God Part 11

Christianity and Truth Christianity claims to give a true account of facts – to say what the real universe is like. That claim is supported by a chain of historical and experiential evidence. Like other statements, the Christian account may be true or false. If confirmed to be true, then every honest person should wantContinue reading “Living to Please God Part 11”

Living to Please God Part 10

Introduction This lesson continues the discussion about Truth. It begins with methods for validating truth claims. Some validity tests are common sense, others are more formal. The required degree of assurance that the truth claim is true determines the method to be used.  Validating Truth To be true means to conform to reality or beContinue reading “Living to Please God Part 10”

Living to Please God Part 9

Truth Introduction Winston Churchill said, “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.” What is truth?  What is the relationship of truth to the world around us? Is there value in being able to determine truth?  C.S. Lewis: “If you look forContinue reading “Living to Please God Part 9”

Living to Please God Part 8

Ethics Moral principles governing behavior established by an outside source. Necessity for Ethical Standards Our focus is on behavior consistent with living life to please God. Behavior flows from thoughts and emotions. Discipline is necessary for success in living life to please God. For discipline to be effective, discipline must be based on a standardContinue reading “Living to Please God Part 8”

Living to Please God Part 7

Introduction  Consider the world around us. Everywhere we see a mixture of good and evil. We understand the good from the revealed moral character of God. That which deviates from God’s moral goodness is evil. Evil can be a minor deviation from God’s goodness, or a major deviation.  The mixture of good and evil canContinue reading “Living to Please God Part 7”

Living to Please God Part 6

Becoming Christ-Like in Moral Character Becoming Christ-like requires “putting off” inappropriate behavior,  and “putting on” righteous behavior. “Do not lie to one another, seeing that you have put off the old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator.“ ColossiansContinue reading “Living to Please God Part 6”

Living to Please God Part 5

Paul’s Appeal to Believers to Live Lives Consistent With God’s Will This lesson deals primarily with Romans 12:1-2. What is the context of these verses? Chapter 12 begins Paul’s appeal that believers live their lives consistent with God’s will. The appeal continues for several chapters. Focus is on relationships: (1.) 12:1-2, Believers relationship to God,Continue reading “Living to Please God Part 5”