Importance of Christian Identity- Part 3

True Christian identity depends entirely on what God did and is doing for us and to us. Nothing a person is or can do for themselves can bring them redemption. It comes only as God’s gift to those whom He chooses.  From Scripture we know that Christian identity is intended to develop step-by-step from initialContinue reading “Importance of Christian Identity- Part 3”

Importance of Christian Identity- Part 2

When God redeemed us, He established a new relationship with us (from rebellious to redeemed) and gave us a new identity in Christ. That Christian identity is God’s gift and cannot be obtained in any other way. Everyone has an identity determined by their relationship with God. What different relationships might a person have withContinue reading “Importance of Christian Identity- Part 2”

Importance of Christian Identity- Part 1

Recently I was asked for photo identification and gave my driver’s license as proof of my legal identity. That led me to think about identity. We each have a variety of identities – a legal identity which is part of our public identity; a personal identity based on the fundamental motivating truths, attitudes, and desiresContinue reading “Importance of Christian Identity- Part 1”