Parables Part 16

Introduction Interruptions from people in the crowds often stimulated Jesus to tell a parable. That happened in the case of the parable we consider next. While Jesus was teaching a crowd, including His disciples, to fear God alone and trust Him in all things, a man interrupted Jesus. He wanted Jesus to settle a familyContinue reading “Parables Part 16”

Parables Part 15

Introduction The “Good Samaritan” parable appears in Luke 10:25-37. It is truly a parable for today’s world. The basic ingredients for the story can be found in the news every day. As Ecclesiastes reminds us, there is really nothing truly new under the sun. Fallen people do not change their moral inclinations without God’s intervention. Continue reading “Parables Part 15”

Parables Part 14

Introduction A couple of days before He was arrested and crucified, Jesus and His disciples had a private time on the Mount of Olives during which Jesus spoke to them in parables. The parable of the “Ten Virgins” emphasized the need to be constantly prepared. Believers are always to be prepared internally and externally forContinue reading “Parables Part 14”

Parables Part 13

Introduction I had planned to cover the “Talents” and “Ten Virgins” parables in that order. On second thought, I have reversed the order and will do the “Ten Virgins” first. The “Ten Virgins” deals with inner spiritual preparedness. The “Tenants concerns the outward work believers are to do for the Lord.  Both parables are partContinue reading “Parables Part 13”

Parables Part 12

Introduction A few days after His triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, Jesus was in the Temple teaching. Jewish religious leaders had decided Jesus must be stopped even if it meant killing Him. Perhaps disturbed by the good receptions Jesus received on entering the city and hoping to get Him to say something they can use againstContinue reading “Parables Part 12”

Parables Part 11

Introduction A few days after His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus was teaching in the Temple when the chief priests and elders questioned His authority to teach. Jesus countered with His own question. “The baptism of John, from where did it come? From heaven or from man?” The Jewish leaders were  afraid to answer thatContinue reading “Parables Part 11”

Parables Part 10

Introduction The last two parables we studied were the “Two Lost Sons” and “The Pharisee and Tax Collector.” Both these parables are stark reminders that there are two contrasting ways to be “lost” to God. The first way is to be a sinner in open rebellion to God. The second way is to be aContinue reading “Parables Part 10”

Parables Part 9

Introduction Jesus’ “Lost Sons” parable we studied last time ends with unresolved questions. Will the brothers be reconciled? What will be the elder brother’s future status? Will the elder brother be reconciled with his father? These are questions of interest, but Jesus answered none of them. Why? No one knows for certain what Jesus hadContinue reading “Parables Part 9”

Parables Part 8

Introduction References: The Gospel of Luke, William Hendriksen, Baker Book House, 1978; The Prodigal God, Timothy Keller, Penguin Books, 2008; All The Parables of Jesus, Herbert Lockyer, Zondervan Publishing, 1963. Luke 15 In Luke 15 we find Jesus in the midst of a crowd preparing to teach. Tax collectors and sinners were gathered close toContinue reading “Parables Part 8”

Parables Part 7

Introduction We began our study of parables with the “Two Builders” parable which instructs believers to build a strong foundation for life, one able to withstand the storms they will inevitably encounter. Next, we studied the eight parables of Matthew 13, all dealing with the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus spoke the first four to aContinue reading “Parables Part 7”


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