Letter of James Part 5 of 6

Introduction “Faith that saves” is a gracious gift from God. It is an instantaneous, miraculous one-time work of God in which those receiving His gift receive a new spirit, are freed from the penalty of sins, become legally fully justified before God (pardoned), and the Holy Spirit indwells them to guide and enable their transformationContinue reading “Letter of James Part 5 of 6”

Letter of James Part 3 of 6

Introduction Chapter 1 of the “Letter from James” deals with trials and attitude. Thus far we have looked at verses 1:1-4. In verses 1:2-11 James identifies four principles of which we have previously identified three. These principles are keys to steadfast endurance during trials. Such endurance produces life benefits through lessons learned: Right attitude (countContinue reading “Letter of James Part 3 of 6”

Letter of James Part 2 of 6

A brief overview of the letter:  James 1 True faith, when confronted by trials and temptations, doesn’t react with doubt, but rather stabilizes a believer’s attitude. Attitude should be based on counting blessings not on focusing on troubles.  James makes this point through three examples. In verses 2-11 he discusses how true faith emerges fromContinue reading “Letter of James Part 2 of 6”


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