Letter of James Part 5 of 6

Introduction “Faith that saves” is a gracious gift from God. It is an instantaneous, miraculous one-time work of God in which those receiving His gift receive a new spirit, are freed from the penalty of sins, become legally fully justified before God (pardoned), and the Holy Spirit indwells them to guide and enable their transformationContinue reading “Letter of James Part 5 of 6”

Letter of James Part 4 of 6

“Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; 20 for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness that God requires. 21 Therefore put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.Continue reading “Letter of James Part 4 of 6”

Letter of James Part 3 of 6

Introduction Chapter 1 of the “Letter from James” deals with trials and attitude. Thus far we have looked at verses 1:1-4. In verses 1:2-11 James identifies four principles of which we have previously identified three. These principles are keys to steadfast endurance during trials. Such endurance produces life benefits through lessons learned: Right attitude (countContinue reading “Letter of James Part 3 of 6”

Letter of James Part 2 of 6

A brief overview of the letter:  James 1 True faith, when confronted by trials and temptations, doesn’t react with doubt, but rather stabilizes a believer’s attitude. Attitude should be based on counting blessings not on focusing on troubles.  James makes this point through three examples. In verses 2-11 he discusses how true faith emerges fromContinue reading “Letter of James Part 2 of 6”

Letter of James Part 1 of 6

Introduction The letter from James has not always been appreciated by all the leaders of the church. Martin Luther thought it was of little value. His reasons were (1.) it didn’t seem consistent with Paul and (2.) it failed to mention Luther’s chief concern of salvation by grace alone. Luther’s primary reason for viewing JamesContinue reading “Letter of James Part 1 of 6”

The Apostle John’s First Letter Part 6

Verse by Verse Comments on 1 John Combining the Three Tests (5:1-5) “Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God, and everyone who loves the father loves his child as well. 2 This is how we know that we love the children of God: by loving God and carrying out hisContinue reading “The Apostle John’s First Letter Part 6”

The Apostle John’s First Letter Part 5

Verse by Verse Comments on 1 John More on Love (3:11-18) “This is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another. 12 Do not be like Cain, who belonged to the evil one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him? Because his own actions were evil and hisContinue reading “The Apostle John’s First Letter Part 5”

The Apostle John’s First Letter Part 4

Verse by Verse Comments on 1 John A Digression (2:12-17) “I write to you, dear children, because your sins have been forgiven on account of his name. 13 I write to you, fathers, because you have known him who is from the beginning. I write to you, young men, because you have overcome the evilContinue reading “The Apostle John’s First Letter Part 4”

The Apostle John’s First Letter Part 3

Verse by Verse Comments on 1 John John 1:6-10 “If we claim to have fellowship with him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth. 7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood ofContinue reading “The Apostle John’s First Letter Part 3”

The Apostle John’s First Letter: Part 2

John’s Purpose in Writing this Letter One or more congregations under John’s care had been attacked by teachers of false doctrine. The teachers claimed they had new, more accurate, information about Christ and His salvation. Their teaching was counter to the apostles’ teaching. Some people believed the false teaching and left the congregation. Those remainingContinue reading “The Apostle John’s First Letter: Part 2”