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Hebrews Part 11

Introduction Our primary topic for the next 3 lessons is FAITH. As believers, we know “faith” is vital to our well-being. What role has faith played in history? Hebrews Chapter 11 is famous as the Bible’s Faith Hall of Fame. It mentions Old Testament believers whose faith in God and His promises led to amazingContinue reading “Hebrews Part 11”

Hebrews Part 10

Summary of the Doctrinal Part of Hebrews (1:1-10:18) The book of Hebrews is a letter written to Hebrew-Christian converts who were suffering under persecution. Some of them were inclined to turn from Christianity back to Judaism. The letter persuasively argues they should stand fast in the faith in spite of persecution for what they haveContinue reading “Hebrews Part 10”

Hebrews Part 9

Introduction This lesson begins with a discussion of sanctuaries and worship under the Old covenants. The Old Covenant applied to all Israel, but only those who believed reaped its benefits. The New Covenant is open to everyone in the world, but again only those who believe reap its benefits.  The Old Covenant Tabernacle details wereContinue reading “Hebrews Part 9”

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