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Parables Part 8

Introduction References: The Gospel of Luke, William Hendriksen, Baker Book House, 1978; The Prodigal God, Timothy Keller, Penguin Books, 2008; All The Parables of Jesus, Herbert Lockyer, Zondervan Publishing, 1963. Luke 15 In Luke 15 we find Jesus in the midst of a crowd preparing to teach. Tax collectors and sinners were gathered close toContinue reading “Parables Part 8”

Parables Part 7

Introduction We began our study of parables with the “Two Builders” parable which instructs believers to build a strong foundation for life, one able to withstand the storms they will inevitably encounter. Next, we studied the eight parables of Matthew 13, all dealing with the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus spoke the first four to aContinue reading “Parables Part 7”

Parables Part 6

Introduction As you know, after my current detailed study of Matthew 13, I realized that the interpretations I had heard all my life for 4 parables did not seem to fit the context in which they are embedded. In Part 5, I gave you specifics on the things that bothered me. The four parables inContinue reading “Parables Part 6”

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