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Parables Part 13

Introduction I had planned to cover the “Talents” and “Ten Virgins” parables in that order. On second thought, I have reversed the order and will do the “Ten Virgins” first. The “Ten Virgins” deals with inner spiritual preparedness. The “Tenants concerns the outward work believers are to do for the Lord.  Both parables are partContinue reading “Parables Part 13”

Parables Part 12

Introduction A few days after His triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, Jesus was in the Temple teaching. Jewish religious leaders had decided Jesus must be stopped even if it meant killing Him. Perhaps disturbed by the good receptions Jesus received on entering the city and hoping to get Him to say something they can use againstContinue reading “Parables Part 12”

Parables Part 11

Introduction A few days after His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus was teaching in the Temple when the chief priests and elders questioned His authority to teach. Jesus countered with His own question. “The baptism of John, from where did it come? From heaven or from man?” The Jewish leaders were  afraid to answer thatContinue reading “Parables Part 11”

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